Friday, 1 June 2012

Final Project of the Year

The concept of my design project of the La Perle bakery focuses around the idea of repetitive wooden panels as a rhythm and language that defines the space inside the structure. They lead you on a journey through the building, revealing and hiding certain areas, and therefore creating a sense of mystery and intrigue. When a view is partially blocked, it fascinates the viewer and encourages them to take a closer look. This is especially evident when one is sitting in the café, the gaps between the panels reveal the chefs hard at work in the bakery; this lets the customer interact with the location in which their food is made.  The heavy solid wooden panels are placed directly along the street footpath, guiding the customer along and into the café. As well as being part of the structure, they also extend to make shelves for storage and tables for seating making them multifunctional and dynamic. These timber boards also let a lot of light into the building, at the same time casting beautiful, regular shaped shadows, which make the cafe, bakery and living quarters an exciting place to be.
This is the sheet that went into my portfolio detailing the final project of the year. 

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