Thursday, 5 December 2013

Final Outcome: The Dressing up Box

Here are some of the final drawings that I presented in my review last friday, for the brief of a storytelling centre in Hebden Bridge, Lancashire.

Storytelling through the act of dressing up.

The Dressing up Box is the heart of the building. 


The reclaimed/vintage clothes marketplace on the lower ground of the building reflects the idea that all items of clothing have their own history and story to tell. 

The sewing workshop uses donated clothes to remake into costumes for theatre productions and local school plays.

The library holds the catalogues of patterns and and the records and history of fashion, tailoring and costume design. The library can be adjusted into rooms that hold knitting circles and temporary exhibitions.

The small stage allows children and even adults to try on costumes from the dressing up box and perform mini plays, within the scenic backdrop of the Hebden Bridge Valley. 

The cafe at the top of the building is an explosion of the props that are made and used. Having a coffee overlooking the river with an array of puppets hanging nearby. 

The choice to exit the building through a door at the top of the building into the woodland, provokes the excitement of dressing up and entering into a new world.