Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Importance of a Sketch Journal

An extract from an essay that I am currently writing:

I find keeping a sketch journal works very similar to the way in which one keeps a diary; it is a documentation of your ideas, thoughts and progress. I would know since I happen to have both. I have always felt the need to document stages in my life, be it through photographs, sketches or writing. I have even at one point kept a joint journal with friends, which ended up recording a whole year of our lives at secondary school. It’s important to reflect, in order for in a later point of your life to look back and remember exactly what you felt at the time and know what ideas and thoughts you had. Similarly, if you look back at it a week later, it will be with a new perspective, so you will be able to offer up new concepts, which you can build on and refreshingly move forward with.  In some ways it can be a physical manifestation of the way your mind works. Therefore, it is so interesting to look around and see other people’s sketch journals; you not only get to see their ideas, but how their brain goes about revealing their thoughts and you perhaps also get a glimpse of what they are like as a person. 
Examples from my current book:

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