Friday, 6 April 2012

(C)ollection (O)f (S)tyle

Ever since I came across this store in Westfield, London last year, I was hooked. COS came out of nowhere in about 2007; a swedish chain opened by the H&M group it has been somewhat a lavish secret held by those who knew of it's existence. Their clothes are elegant, simple and timeless. In it's own words, 'it works hard to create fashion pieces that look and feel at once classic and modern'. As an architecture student, I get a bit of a thrill when I see clothes that are quite structural; interestingly shaped to sit well on the wearer. It is also interesting that their designs can suit someone of my age as well as that of my mother, who is also a regular at the store. For a student budget, the clothes are somewhat out of my league, but saving up for a piece can be well worth the wait.  Below are some of my favourites from this season, all are available on their online store.

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