Monday, 4 March 2013

Giant Monster Birds

Over the past few weeks, I have had a slight obsession with using Acetone to transfer pictures as a mode of representation. I love the worn, printed look it gives as well as how quick it is to do; getting me out of laborious hours of colouring in.  The way it works is by printing the flipped version of an image you want from a photocopier or a laser printer, lying it facing down onto the paper and rubbing the acetone all over with sock or cotton wool. The acetone loosens the dry ink particles from the print and transfers it to the paper, therefore it would not work with an inkjet printer. The drawing above is a section from the site that we are analysing in York, with the murky river Ouse in the middle. Note the extra large monster birds in the image, which was a slight scaling mistake! I also used acetone in a postcard task that we were set to describe our initial feelings of York. I chose a photo that I had taken of a busy street with the York Minister in the perspective distance, representing how it dominates the city with most of the roads in the city leading towards it. 

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