Tuesday, 26 February 2013

2013: I solemnly swear to post more regularly

Finding the time to blog is much harder than I thought... I set myself a new years resolution to post at least weekly, but it has taken me about 2 months to get here!

Nevertheless, I am back! It has also occurred to me that blogging is a great tool to get yourself known; as well as posting about what interests me I am going to make a habit of including pieces of work that I am currently doing in Architecture school, as I make my way through the last term of second year.  It's scary to think that I am currently just over half way through my degree, and the easter holidays are two and a half weeks away!.

Our project for this semester is HOUSING, and over the past 4 weeks we have been looking at many precedent studies, as well as conducting research on the uses of domestic spaces.  The year group has been allocated 1 of 6 sites in city of York, which we have now visited twice to carry out our site analysis. It's been quite exciting as I had never been to York before and I didn't know much about the city and trawling its medieval cobbled streets has been quite a novelty. Our latest adventure was climbing to the top of York Minister's tower; an experience that I can say I will never do again! The photos below are from the first especially sunny trip last Saturday.

York Minister: One of the most important medieval buildings in Europe

The Shambles: one of the oldest streets in York with overhanging timber framed buildings, which is said to have provided the inspiration for ' Diagon Alley' in the Harry Potter series

The crowded streets of York on a saturday afternoon

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